2015年6月17日 星期三

穗穗愛繪本 Someday, by Alison McGhee & Peter Reynolds

這本美麗的詩般的繪本, 是在圖書館借書時看到的,  當初單純因為去一趟圖書館不容易,  一定要掃貨到緊繃.  又之前看過Peter Reynolds的繪本也喜歡,  就帶回家了.  沒想到念給小朋友聽時出現意想不到的反應.  因為英文用字簡單, 連我都會, 所以就不翻成中文惡搞原版了.

One day I counted your fingers and kissed each one.
(遠目os: 我...有數寶寶手手嗎)
One day we crossed the street and you held my hand tight. 
Then, you were my baby,
and now you are my child
Sometimes, when you sleep, i watch you dream, and I dream too..
Someday, you will walk into a deep wood.
Someday, your eyes will be filled with a joy so deep that they shine.
Someday, you will run so fast and so far your heart will feel like fire.
Someday, you will swing high-so high, higer than you ever dared to swing.
Someday, you wil hear something so sad that you will fold up with sorrow. 
Someday, i will stand on this porch and watch your arms waving to me until I no longer see you. 
Someday, you will looking at this house and wonder how something that feels so big can look so small.
Someday, you will feel a small weight against your strong back.
Someday, i will watch you brushing  your child's hair.

前面跳過幾頁, 後面還有幾頁,  有興趣的人可以找來看看.

至於我們家意想不到的反應,  就是我念到Someday i will watch you brushing your child's hair. 忽地眼淚鼻屎齊飛, 搞得兩隻小的面面相覷,  可能以為自己做錯什麼事.  妹妹摸我的眼淚說媽媽哭哭...

而我只是要念一本簡單的繪本, 這本書硬是把女孩兒的成長, 用簡單的文字圖案表現出來,  觸動我為人女為人母的玻璃心.

2015年4月30日 星期四

穗穗愛繪本: One Sudden Hill, by Linda Sarah and Benji Davies

The Storm Whale海裡來的鯨魚是我很喜歡的繪本之一, 不論畫風或是故事內容.  有次我偷聽兩隻的前保母,  看著圖片講這繪本給小朋友聽,  竟然也能把內容講到差不多,  代表繪畫的部分能夠傳達故事意境,  我覺得這是一本好的繪本應該要有的要素.

於是在一個夜黑風高的夜晚, 我把作者Benji Davies的繪本上網研究了一番, 找到這本On Sudden Hill, 私以為也是棒棒咪之選.

Two cardboard boxes, big enough to sit in, hide inside.
Birt and Etho take them out each day, climb up Sudden Hill and sit in them
兩個紙箱, 大到可以坐在裡面, 躲進去.
Birt和Etho每天帶紙箱, 爬上Sudden Hill
Sometimes they're kings, soldiers, astronauts.
Sometimes they are pirates sailing wild seas and skies.
有時他們是國王, 士兵, 太空人
Birt loves their two by two rhythm.
Birt 喜歡他們兩個一起的節奏
And then one Monday(it's cramping cold) they meet another box-carrier who want to joint them.

This tiny boy's called Shu.
He's watched Birt and Etho every day and finally found a big enough box and courage to ask if he can play too.

在一個很冷的星期一, 他們遇到另一個帶紙箱的男孩, 想要加入.
他每天看著Birt和Etho, 有一天他終於找到夠大的紙箱, 和勇氣去詢問可不可以加入.
(@@就是這個點, 就是這個點!!)
Etho smiles and says, "Sure!"
And so the three sit in their boxes, watch one kestrel and two lost clouds.
於是他們三個坐在自己的紙箱, 看著一隻小鷹和雲朵.
(請家長放心, 書本並沒有討論到性向的部分)
One night, Birt smashes his box, stamps on it, rips it to bits.
His dad shouts something flat from the front room about being quiet and that's enough!
有一天晚上, Birt把紙箱打扁, 踩碎, 撕成碎片.
他老爸從房間大叫: 夠了, 給我安靜點
Birt stops going up Sudden Hill.
Birt不去Sudden Hill了.
Etho and Shu call round sometimes. Birt avoids them.
Instead he stays at home mostly drawing pictures of two boxes, side-by side.
But he misses Etho. He misses their cardboard castles on Sudden Hill.
Etho和Shu跑來找過幾次, 但是Birt都避不見面.
他躲在家裡, 大部分在畫畫,  畫兩個箱子排排站.
他想念Etho, 他們的紙箱城堡.
One day, a knock on the door.
He hears Shu's voice. 
"We made you something. Please come out"
All Birt can see as he peeks from the curtain is a box.
一天, 有人敲門
"我們做了東西給你, 請出來看"
But it's much, much more than a box.
It's got bright, waving things attached to it like huge kites. 
It's got colours. It's got sound. It's got, it's got WHEELS!
有顏色, 有聲音, 還有還有輪子


接下來, Birt能不能接受Shu呢?
請找書本來看吧. (偏不..)

這本書的字數和程度比平常我(們)看的多一點點,  但我也沒在管, 只顧我行我素. 好在兩隻還沒有抱怨.
是說如果像故事書裡面, 小盆友能夠自己做出紙箱大怪物,  也是太酷了的一件事吧.

2015年4月5日 星期日

穗穗愛繪本: How to cheer up Dad? by Fred Koehler

這本書是在圖書館拿預借書時隨手翻到的, 一看就很喜歡, 除了畫風簡單清新. 標題How to cheer up Dad? 不就是暗示爸爸都很難搞, 這麼棒的內容怎麼能不借來念給兩隻小朋友聽呢?
 For you, Dad
 爸爸象拿牙刷叫小寶象刷牙,  小寶象舉著通馬桶的, 全力抵抗.
(我們家L先生說, 這個作者一定當過爸爸!)
Little Jumbo's dad was having a bad day.
At breakfast, Dad put raisins in Little Jumbo's oatmeal.
He should have known what a mess that would make.

(照片有點小, 但是書本可以清清楚楚看到, 小象很開心地用鼻子把葡萄乾噴到天花板去, 還掉了幾顆在爸爸頭上.  
Then his dad wanted Little Jumbo to get cleaned up. 
But little Jumbo had already taken a bath that week. 
爸爸叫小寶去把自己弄乾淨, 但是小寶說這個星期已經洗過澡囉.
And Dad forgot that Little Jumbo did not like wearing his brown overalls.
(我們家妹啊看到小象光溜溜跑出去, 超羨慕的)
Dad's mood was clearly getting worse, so little Jumbo suggested that Dad needed a  time-out.
爸爸的心情顯然越來越差, 所以小寶建議爸爸去冷靜一下.
Little Jumbo got one instead.
He began to wonder what he could do to cheer up Dad.
處罰的時候, 小寶想想該怎麼讓爸爸高興.
He thought a hug might be a good start.
Then Little Jumbo took his dad to play catch.
This made him smile a little bit.
(我也會抓小孩後面的領子讓她們不要暴衝, 看到大象爸爸用鼻子勾住, 真是好親切的動作)
And fishing made his dad feel even better.
At bedtime, Little Jumbo picked out Dad's favorite story.
要睡覺了, 小寶選了爸爸最喜歡的故事
: 愛睡的象 (家長都很希望小孩快睡覺吧)
Then he tucked his dad in, and snuggled him to sleep.

故事未完, 還有幾頁, 糾竟小象會做個懂事的好寶寶, 還是會繼續調皮搗蛋呢, 請去圖書館借來看看吧.

我覺得是很可愛有細節的童書,  然後發現其實爸爸沒有很難搞, 難搞的是小寶象...真是可惜.